Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Word on 1984 SBP Silver Jubilee Futsal Tournament

1.  2009 will be the 25th year since SPM candidates for 1984 left their respective schools. In conjunction with this Silver Jubilee, a 1984 SBP* Silver Jubilee Futsal Tournament (the First Tournament) will be held on [old date 31 January 2009] (latest date: 7 February 2009). This tournament is open to all SBP alumni teams comprising SPM candidates for 1984.

Team Composition

2.  Each team must consist of players who were students of the school which the team represents and the players had sat for SPM in 1984.  For purpose of clarity, it means that (a) a player who were born in 1968 but sat for SPM in 1984 qualifies as a player for the tournament and (b) a player who studied in the school which the team represents but did not sit for SPM in 1984 at that school but (i) at another school or (ii) by reason of illness, in 1985, qualifies as a player for the tournament.

3. In a game, each team may, by substitution, use up to 15 players.  Please note that however, the prize andother  allocations will only be made on the basis of 8-player teams.


4. Tentatively, the venue is fixed at Padang, One Utama. 


5. The organizers will be issuing polo shirts, a silver jubilee t-shirt. The final price will be announced in due course and orders are accepted at

Keen interest

6. Based on feedback received, the following alumnis have indicated their participation:
(a) Alam Shah
(b) Ansara Kulim;
(c) Jenan
(d) MC
(e) Mozac
(f) RMC
(g) SDAR and 
(h) STAR

The organisers look forward to confirmation to


*SBP - Sekolah Berasrama Penuh

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