Friday, January 23, 2009

The Draw

Thanks for the reps for making their way to Rasta Taman Tun Dr Ismail early tonight. 8 teams have confirmed their participation and we have conducted the draw and divide the teams into 2 groups:

Group A will consist of SDAR, MCKK, TI Seremban and Jenan, meanwhile Group B will consist of MRSM Kulim, RMC, SAS and SMS Johor.

Let's make it to the tournament early. Try to be there by 9.30 to allow yourselves familiarisation with the place and secure your belongings.

The tentative schedule (subject of course to Padang's setting) will be as follows:

9.45 am Welcome address followed by handing over of t-shirts to managers.
10.00 am 
Pitch 1 SDAR v MCKK
Pitch 2 TI Seremban v Jenan
Pitch 1 Ansara Kulim v RMC
Pitch 2 SAS v SMS Johor
10.31 am 
Pitch 1 MCKK v Jenan
Pitch 2 SDAR v TI Seremban
Pitch 1 RMC v SMS Johor
Pitch 2 Ansara Kulim v SAS
11.01 am 
Pitch 1 MCKK v TI Seremban
Pitch 2 SDAR v Jenan
Pitch 1 RMC v SAS
Pitch 2 Ansara Kulim v SMS Johor
5-8th @ 11.35
Pitch 1, Game 13 - Last Group A v 3rd Group B
Pitch 2, Game 14 - Last Group B v 3rd Group A 
Semi-final @ 11.51
Pitch 1, Semi1 - Top Group A v 2nd Group B
Pitch 2, Semi 2 - Top Group B v 2nd Group A
12.10 -  7-8th placing Loser 13 v Loser 14
12.30    5-6th placing Winner 13 v Winner 14
12.50    3-4th placing Losers Semi 1& Semi2
1.10 pm Final - Winners Semi 1 & Semi 2

1.30 pm -  Prize Giving Ceremony

* We expect to provide 2 isotonic or mineral water for each player.

Let's do it guys.

Our heartiest thanks to Integrity Business Solution Sdn Bhd, our official sponsor!

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