Monday, February 2, 2009

Latest Up-date on Futsal Tournament

Dear all,

9.30 am should be targeted arrivals for all competitors especially the four teams kicking off at 10.00 am sharp.  The four teams are SDAR, MCKK, TI Seremban & Jenan.  

Getting to Padang@One Utama
1.  Its at what we call - new wing of One Utama, the one closer to the Curve than TV3.
2.  Your best choice could very well be to go up to 5th floor parking and park within columns  17 and 27.  There's a lift lobby there. Go up to UR.

Shower Facilities
There are shower facilities.  Toilets are outside and not at the shower facilities. Please do not use the showers as toilets.

Tshirts -  will be available for 10 players per team. 

See you there!

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